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Twenty Seconds That Changed My Life

Twenty seconds is all it took. The twenty seconds that would change my life as I knew it; the beginning of a transformation that I wasn’t even yet aware of.   

I walked into a lovely house down a rural road where I signed up for a two hour seminar hosted by Tara Mehmet. To be honest, I didn’t even know what the seminar was for. I only went because she was connected to a charitable organisation that had recently donated funds to a charity that I was the Treasurer and Trustee of, Rosie’s Rainbow Fund.  
Why would any organisation donate a substantial amount money to a small local charity, without us even having to apply for it? I was skeptical and so needed to find out more.  
Tara started off with an introduction about energy. I was intrigued because it was a concept that I knew little about, yet found it familiar and fascinating. She got deeper on how energy affects us all, and how we can even influence the subtle energy field around and within our bodies, despite not being able to see it.
She asked if there was a volunteer so that she could demonstrate doing a stress treatment.  I immediately put my hand up hoping I could learn something. I was still a skeptic despite my curiosity. She turned to me and I ended up standing at the front of the room, instructed to close my eyes and to just relax.
I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I sensed she was going to remove the “unhelpful energy” in my chakras to reduce my stress energy.  
“Nothing ever works on me”, I muttered to myself silently.  “I’m just one of those people who never…” 
All of the sudden, I felt what seemed to be a large ball at the pit of my stomach. This sensation quickly made its way up past my chest and into my throat.  It all happened so quickly and I didn’t know what to do nor what to expect next.  I had the urge to cry and didn’t have time to fight it. Something had happened and now I was sobbing uncontrollably, confused and definitely not relaxed. Tara’s soothing voice reassured me that everything was fine and that sometimes people can have an emotional reaction such as the one I was having. I calmed down and tried to regain my breath in between my sobbing.  A couple of minutes later, she was done. I opened my eyes to the many wide-eyed attendees, all probably wondering, as I did, what on earth had happened.
I listened much more intently to the remainder of the seminar, still shocked and mesmerised by the unexpected episode. As the session came to an end, I felt a sense of calm running through me and left feeling that somehow this wouldn’t be the end, but actually a new beginning.  
The next few days I felt an inner silence; one that I had not felt for a very long time. I had gone through the last five years feeling like I was spiralling downwards into a dark abyss. It was a bad situation that had gotten worse, and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it. I had never felt so small and so betrayed, and it had affected my friends, family and even my children.  It wasn’t triggered by an illness, a death, or even a traumatic event. To this day I don’t even think I can explain what had happened to me, and so I’ll leave that to another day when it becomes more clear and easier to describe.  But that aside, the feeling that it left within me was one that I never want to feel again, nor would I wish it on my worst enemy.
Going to that seminar was the first day of my journey out of that dark abyss. It was the twenty seconds of Tara’s healing session that changed my life and sparked me to take her Level 1 Pranic Healing course. Ten months later I had taken four further courses and had also attended an Arhatic Yoga retreat in Ireland, with plans to do much more.  
Today, I received a thank you from a friend in Canada whom I have been treating distantly for Hypertension. Both of her parents had high blood pressure since their forties and she knew it was inevitable for her.  She had started her medication which meant that she would be on them for life. After doing regular Pranic Healing treatments on her for three months, she has now been told by her doctor that she can come off of her medication completely. And this I know is just the beginning of the many “miracles” yet to come.  
And it all started from the twenty seconds that changed my life.
Thank you, Tara, for saving me.  I don’t even think you realise what that one treatment has done for me.  I now look back at the time that it felt like I had lost everything; my life, my reputation, my sanity. It was almost as if the universe was playing a sick joke on me, for I had done nothing and was none of the horrible things that I had been accused of. But in life, some perceived disasters actually turn out to be the very things that are needed to enable a much grosser transformation. 
One day I’ll be able to tell my story, but for now I’m just so grateful that I found Pranic Healing.
With gratitude, with deep respect, and with love.