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Forgiveness – who is it for?

All of us have gone through experiences that we would have changed, given the choice. However, imagine gliding through life with ease, experiencing only joy, contentment and no pain. Although this may sound favourable on the surface, you would not learn some very significant and profound lessons that create emotions such as empathy, compassion and ultimately, unconditional love.

We know that everything that exists in the world (and beyond) is energy. This isn’t a theory. This is fact according to science. The Law of Vibration states that energy is in constant motion, and everything that we think and feel also holds a corresponding vibration. Lower emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety all vibrate at lower frequencies than higher emotions such a joy, love and happiness. 

The Law of Attraction is another law that our universe is governed by. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn attract like energies. Negative energies attract negative energies and positive energies attract positive energies. In fact, this goes further to indicate that the people in your life and your circumstances are a direct result of the level of vibrations you emanate. 

But how could this be the case, you ask? You’re a good person but your boss is treating you unfairly, friends are jealous and being dishonest, and your partner is constantly bringing you down? It’s easy to fall into the victim mentality that your situation is influenced by external factors beyond your control. This may be true to a certain extent. The good news is that you are in control. You are the author of the book you are essentially writing about your life. You get to decide what happens in the next chapter, if you allow yourself to disassociate yourself from the role you have assumed and break free of the patterns of your own behaviours.

The key to attracting positive people and situations in your life is by raising the vibration levels of your thoughts and emotions. In many cases, a ‘victim’ of circumstances arises because most people are unaware of how their thoughts and actions actually affect others. It’s easy to see the wrong that others are doing. But what if you’re inadvertently playing an equal part in this ‘blame game’? I of course, understand that sometimes it’s very difficult, and that there are some very horrible situations that can happen. But it’s also important to remember that sometimes you could be ‘wrong’. Everyone has a different viewpoint, from different experiences that shape their views and perceptions. So it’s important not to judge others based on your views, as you wouldn’t want them to judge you based on theirs. 

This is where the power of forgiveness can come in. 

This isn’t to say that you let people do whatever they want to you and continue to cause pain to you or your loved ones. But what do you achieve by harbouring these intensely negative thoughts and emotions? Over a period of time, these actually manifest into physical and emotional illnesses. So not only are you the one suffering by holding onto these negative feelings, but you’re also going to pay for it with your health. Think about the workaholic that is permanently stressed and on overdrive. Or being angry at someone who may have left you for someone else. As hard as it may seem, accepting the past is part of the key to letting it all go. After all, you can’t change what has happened – only your response to it. Sometimes negative things happen but can actually be the very things that are required to make a positive change. 

Everyone is going through a journey and we all have lessons to learn in life. If we can step out for just a moment and not judge someone else’s actions, we can begin to see that there’s always a learning experience. Instead of fighting the situation, we can try to understand that perhaps the other person also was experiencing pain and hurt. We can’t be the judge of their lives and choices. This only results in huge blockages of energy. Once we can forgive, your vibrational frequency will immediately increase as you will be emanating positive energies. But don’t let me try and convince you of this – try it for yourself. The next time your boss, your partner or your child decides to replay an argument you’ve had many times before, try to listen and not jump to a defensive position. An argument cannot be sustained with only one person. Feel their pain, even if it’s not what you would feel. Remember, you’re not letting them get away with anything. You’re just not reacting negatively which will ultimately lead to the same negative result. What do you have to lose? You never know, you could actually start to plant a positive seed that will transform a negative situation into a positive outcome.    

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