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East Meets West

The art and science of energy healing is not a new concept nor does it rely on any findings that did not exist over 2,500 years ago. In ancient Eastern civilisations, the idea of ‘energy’ being a fundamental part of our universe that enables our very existence is core to the understanding of how energy healing works. Here, I’m going to discuss the Chinese concept of ‘Qi’ and how medical Qigong, one of the energy modalities within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has evolved to form part of a more modern practice – Pranic Healing.

One of the reasons why TCM has not been a recognised form of medical treatments in the Western societies is due to the lack of ‘science-based’ empirical research that can provide a direct cause-and-effect result that Western medicine relies on. Instead, TCM applies a holistic approach to the body and mind to treat and prevent illnesses, which includes the physical, emotional and mental (and even spiritual) bodies of the patient. Although Western medicine is extremely effective at treating ‘crisis situations’, more and more people are looking at how they can treat mild to even severe and chronic ailments with more natural methods. 

The oldest form of TCM is medical ‘Qigong’ of which herbal medicine, acupuncture and Chinese massage derives from. By focusing on the body’s ‘Qi’, or life-force energy, a Qigong practitioner can control their own Qi and emit Qi to help heal others. They can then balance any deficiencies or excess Qi within the patient’s body, which in turn can alleviate symptoms and even address the cause of illness. This is following the same approach of a Pranic Healing therapist, where prana (the same life-force or vital energy) is drawn from the air, sun and ground and emitted from the healer to the patient. The imbalances are again addressed to restore the health of the chakras (and therefore the corresponding organs) and the flow of energy is maintained for good health.

An Ancient yet Completely Modern Healing System

"TCM has the power to unlock your true potential and help you develop and use your own unique gifts and talents. Its insightful wisdom and ability to understand and address individual health needs empowers each person with a way to unite body, mind, and spirit—the foundation for lasting, authentic health. TCM teaches you how to live a life of balance, wellness, and harmony."

Although the approach of Western medicine differs from these ancient Eastern techniques, it is indisputable that both methods can and do work. Instead of calling practices such as Qigong, TCM, Pranic Healing and other therapies as alternative, they should be seen as complementary. Many doctors that have studied Western medicine have already started to adopt the traditional and more natural ways of healing, and some have incorporated these into their daily practices. So before you discount whether a traditional method may work for you, why not try for yourself?

Although I was born in the Western world, my parents and ancestors  are from the East. I was always fascinated with Chinese culture, healing modalities and esoteric theories – but that remained only as an interest due to my (lack of) language skills which prevented me from learning these directly from the ‘source’. I can now see that finding Pranic Healing has actually opened up my world to these exact childhood interests. Although relating to the same energetic concepts, Pranic Healing has been written and is taught in a way that could appeal to the Western world in such an easy to learn format that anyone can learn it in a relatively short period of time. In fact, it was immediately after my first two-day course that I was able to produce an immediate healing result with one of my children. After continuing for several months, I could produce effective results time and time again, and with progressively greater impact.

Whether you’re interested in learning about Pranic Healing, or would like to be treated using a complimentary healing modality, it’s worth it to find out more. There are two-hour seminars that introduce the concept of energy and how it works within your body, as well as external interactions. The two-day Level 1 course enable you to gain practical knowledge and experience to treat others (and even yourself!) with common day ailments, ranging from colds, headaches, cuts and bruises and allergies to name just a few. And I guarantee that you will find the results absolutely mind blowing like I did. 

There are now currently over 100 Pranic Healing centres across the globe. Why not join the millions of people who have experienced the positive effects of Pranic Healing, or even learn it for yourself? If you’re a parent like I am, you’ll feel more empowered to help your family, not only from a physical health perspective, but on emotional and mental levels as well.

Contact me if you’d like a treatment, or to find out more about Pranic Healing in your community.

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