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Ten Ways to Declutter Your Life – Mind, Body & Soul

What’s the first thing you think of when someone tells you that they’re going to do a de-cluttering this Spring? Most will think of having a clear out and a good tidying of the home, sorting the wardrobe, cleaning the car etc…all of the major spaces that we spend most of our time and material items that we value.

But have you ever thought that actually, our most valuable space is within our own mind, body and soul?

Most of us don’t spend nearly enough time looking after ‘us’. And I don’t mean going to the hairdressers, or the nail salon, or even necessarily eating a healthy diet. Yes, we do need to do things to make ourselves feel good, but not in the instant gratification kind of way and not from the outside-in. 

How many of you can say that you’re truly happy, don’t have many worries, and are at peace with yourself and your life? I know that I used to think this was impossible – life is all about the ups and downs, right? 

When we have a clear mind and healthy body, our emotions are calmer, we’re more relaxed and can make better decisions. And of course we are also happier.  But how often do you spend clearing out unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions? Some may engage in activities that help to do this, such as exercising, eating healthily and maybe even doing some meditation. But let’s think in terms of Energy and how we can clear our system of negative energies and restore the balance and flow of our prana (or life’s force) within. 

Decluttering your energetic body

Your energetic body contains many energy centres and pathways. If these are balanced and clear, then your physical body will be in good health. However, in our hectic and fast-paced lives, many people are exposed to stress and experience negative emotions or are stuck in negative thought patterns. We learn to live with carrying these emotional burdens, both energetically as well as physically, emotionally and mentally. Some people find ways to cope with these on a daily basis, but some eventually find that the burden is overwhelming and can be too much to bear. 

Having a regular ‘spring clean’ of your body is just as important (if not more) than it is to clean and declutter your living space. There are many simple techniques to help regulate your thoughts and to even clear out these negative energies. 

How can Pranic Healing help?

Pranic Healing can help to alleviate physical ailments, from common aches and pains all the way to severe and chronic illnesses of the body. It can also treat emotional and psychological conditions such as stress and anxiety, fears, traumas, depression and even addictions. By treating the energetic body, the causes of problems can be addressed directly to balance and restore the energy within the chakras or energy centres. 

Maintaining a clear mind, body and soul

Here are ten ways that you can help to maintain a decluttered life, from the inside-out:

1) Eat healthily – a well-balanced and nutritious diet is key to a healthy body. Fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables are important as they contain more prana then cooked and processed foods. If you’re a meat eater, then lean meats are best, with fish and chicken being the preferred choice.

2) Exercise – aside from your body releasing ‘feel good’ chemicals, exercise also helps to keep your energy pathways clear. Certain types of exercises can also help to invigorate and  give your body a boost in energy, as well as expelling stress energies from your system. It will help control your weight, prevent illness, improve your mood and improve your sleep.   

3) Be one with nature – there are three sources of energy, including the sun, air and ground. Being outdoors in nature helps to expose you to this energy and allows your body to absorb more of this fresh prana. This is why in the winter months, when there is less sunlight, people tend to get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as there is much less prana available. You can also try to sit down under a healthy tree, or walk barefoot in the sand to become more energised.

4) Breathe – in our modern and very hectic and stressful lives, we tend to ‘chest’ breathe (or shallow breathe) which doesn’t draw in as much air into our lungs as we were meant to. Just as babies breathe deeply from their abdominals, we also should practice this ‘belly’ breathing to increase the prana within our systems. Try deep breathing for five minutes when you’re feeling stressed or tired. It will immediately draw in more fresh prana that your body needs, and also help you to feel calmer. Even better, try to develop a habit of paying attention to your breath so that abdominal breathing can come more naturally to you.

5) Meditate – scientific research has proven that meditation can help to reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and memory, improve physical health and enhance overall well-being. The Meditation of Twin Hearts specifically helps to regulate emotions, even just after the first time doing it. In fact, regular meditators have amplified positive emotions and greater clarity of mind, resulting in the ability to do things with greater calmness and with more efficiency.

6) Clear your space – traditional views of de-cluttering does play a role in a healthy mind. When you clear your spaces, whether it’s your house, workplace or even your car, you become less cluttered in the mind. This allows a for calmer outlook and less distraction/greater focus. 

7) Get organised – do you tend to have too many things to do, and although you are working hard, you don’t seem to get anything done? Sometimes this is known as calendar clutter – perhaps you need to prioritise things and turn down the ones that just aren’t as important. Keeping a diary is also important as it keeps you in check so that your mind doesn’t need to keep on thinking about everything at once. Once it’s scheduled for a specific date/time, you can park it until it’s time to think about again!

8) Express gratitude – most of us spend too much time being hard on ourselves and not enough time thinking about what we have done well, or what positive things we have in our lives. Negative thoughts lead to negative words, actions and emotions. Before you know it, you are filled with so much negative energy, and when this is excessive and constant, it can lead to overwhelming feelings and ultimately mental health issues. Spend at least five minutes a day thinking of the things you have to be thankful for. If there’s something you did that could have been done better, then visualise yourself doing the right thing and move on. Living in the past won’t get you anywhere.

9) Be selective – do you notice that some people just seem to drain you of your energy? When you surround yourself with negative people, you tend to be brought down along with them. Although sometimes it’s unavoidable, try to limit the time you spend with them. On the contrary, if you find people who are upbeat and positive, you will also feel uplifted and energised.

10) Forgive, forgive, forgive – this is probably the hardest thing for most people to do. But harbouring negative feelings toward others (or even yourself) will eventually take it’s toll on your health, both physically as well as emotionally. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a pushover if someone has wronged you. But everyone has their own point of view and sometimes we don’t realise that we may have done something inadvertently to provoke a certain behaviour. Maybe you didn’t do anything at all. Whatever the reason, holding on to this anger only hurts you in the end. So learn to forgive – if not for the other person, then do it for you.

You can find a Pranic Healer in your local area to help you with any areas that you may suffer from, be it physical or emotional in nature. It’s the things that we can’t necessarily see that affects us the most, like our thoughts and emotions. By clearing and balancing our energy centres, our bodies are able to function better and give us better health.

Alternatively, you can also learn these simple techniques to help yourself and your loved ones.

Join the many people who have already taken the step to transforming their lives. These range from parents, business professionals, sports people, and even medical staff, amongst many others. You can find all of the upcoming courses being offered in the UK by visiting  

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