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Are you experiencing more stress and anxiety in your life than usual? Have you had recent traumas and/or life changing events that have occurred and it just seems to be getting worse?

The more you fight the problems, the worse they seem to become. There may be anger or fear within you that is driving you to deal with the situation head on, but each time you do this, you lose the battle. Perhaps you’ve even gotten to the stage that it seems impossible that you will ever emerge from this nightmare.

Why is this happening, you ask?

I believe that this is a wake-up call. 

Imagine you are in your car. You’re driving along and notice the other cars around you – some are old and battered while others are sleek sports cars. You sit in yours and may envy others as they whizz past, but you still have to focus on your own vehicle and ultimately where you want to be.

At first you may take the scenic route and and enjoy the rolling hills and breathtaking scenery, but then you feel compelled to speed up your journey. Where are you going? How quickly will you get there? Some people may already know where they want to go, but others may struggle to decide which way to turn when faced with crossroads.

You may even feel that you have been driving down the same road, over and over again, and not sure you are getting anywhere at all. In life, this is no different. We are have our own starting points – some will have fancier cars than others and some will have no car at all. We all have the cards we are dealt with in life and our own choices to make. Some will choose the familiar option and keep driving down the same roads, getting no further along than when they first started. Some are more adventurous and will try new roads that will lead them to new adventures and experiences.

Sometimes we are so preoccupied with ‘life’ that we forget to stop and enjoy our surroundings. Or we get caught up with the material world by trying hard to earn more money to buy that bigger house, or we chase after a job promotion or any other situations that lead us down a stressful road.

If we go too far down a road that we are not ultimately meant to be on, then something will happen to guide us towards the ‘right’ path. And if we don’t listen and continue further along, sometimes something very extreme will happen that will force us out of a situation. These often appear to be traumatic events that cause us to re-evaluate our lives. The common theme is that we will wonder why on earth this could happen and it will appear to be a tragic situation that is ending an important aspect of our life.

But that’s exactly it. The end of something in our lives is the only way we can begin something new. And it’s nothing to fear. I’ve seen so many people fight hard to hold onto the past, the very thing that has caused much stress and pain in their lives. Mostly what is being held onto are the ideals and expectations of what should have been, or what could be.

Whichever way you choose, it is important to enjoy the journey. Who knows where you may end up? Just let go and enjoy the ride…