Case Study

Case Study: Grief and Trauma (Loss of a child)

When I first met Jo, she was a friendly woman who wasn’t afraid to express her feelings about the trauma and the difficulties she was experiencing in her life. But I knew that behind her lovely smile, she was very hurt and angry, amongst a plethora of other very intense negative emotions. 

Jo had experiences with other energy modalities but felt that she needed to try something different. And so I welcomed her into my home and first had a chat with her about Pranic Healing and how this was going to help to correct her energetic imbalances. But also, with Pranic Psychotherapy, how this would help to remove the negative thought forms and thought patterns that developed since the loss of her child, and subsequent events resulting from that.

During the first session, she described some sensations she felt throughout her body, including a heaviness that was brought forward and subsequently lifted. I knew that the energy was working within her system, but like most emotionally-based conditions, it wouldn’t be a ‘quick fix’. I had explained this to Jo prior to starting the healing session, and she understood that this could take a few sessions to really show lasting results. I described this like peeling layers off of an onion, that emotions would come to the surface to be cleansed away, but there would be other deeper ones to surface as well that would need to be addressed. However, in my experiences, people could normally feel a difference and a shift within themselves after a single treatment. 

After the first couple of treatments, Although I could see a slight shift in Jo’s energies, there was more work to be done. When I really started to see a profound change in her was after 3-4 treatments. Jo would come to my door with a genuine smile and talk about her positive experiences over the weekend, and a sparkle returned into her eyes. After the sixth treatment, she didn’t feel she needed to continue with regular treatments and I was pleased to hear that she was confident and happy to feel that she could now move forward in her life. That although she obviously would never let go of her experience and hold it close to her heart, that she could now harness her energies in a more productive way and share her story with others and help them get through their pain as well. 

Yesterday, I saw Jo again, but this time for a healing that was not for the original reason of her tragic loss. I was so pleased to see her beaming face and she spoke about moving her life forward and taking courses that could help her to share her story. Here are her words for her experience with Pranic Healing:

“Where did my journey of receiving some Pranic Healing start??

I remember saying out loud to the universe that  I want my energy back. I was in such a state of grief after the sad death of my son as well as the break down in my relationship. This left me homeless, and under this extreme stress and grief, I also lost my job.

It’s fair to say that I was exhausted, both mentally and physically.

I am aware of the power of healing energy and this has always intrigued me. So I knew that my energies were full of debris, from my own grief, but also from the energy we collect in daily life. When a friend recommended Pranic Healing with Allison, after a session with her, I felt the universe had answered my call.

After having a lovely conversation with Allison all about Pranic Healing, I decided to book myself six sessions.

On my first session, I was warmly welcomed by Allison’s friendly face. She showed me to a comfy chair, and I just relaxed and closed my eyes and she began her healing work.

I can honestly say for the first three sessions,  I questioned what the healing was doing. I didn’t feel fantastic, a lot of emotions I had been struggling with were brought to the surface for me to address. I trusted the process even though it was uncomfortable and somewhat challenging at times. But from the fourth session through to the sixth session, I felt an amazing transformation within myself. I was lighter, more uplifted than I had been in such a long time. My energy increased and I was no longer in such a dark place anymore. I cannot recommend Allison and Pranic Healing enough.

Thank you again Allison for everything. Xx”

Pranic Healing can help in so many ways. Whether you are struggling from aches and pains, all the way to chronic and severe physical conditions. On an emotional and psychological level, the removing and re-balancing of your energetic body can have a profound positive effect on your thoughts, feelings and entire well-being. I’ve had clients with severe depression, stress and anxiety, addictions, trauma and more – although each individual has their own unique experiences, the approach remains the same and has had proven results time and time again. 

If you or someone you know can benefit from Pranic Healing, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I, too, was a skeptic with my logical and scientific mind. But after one session of my own, I can honestly say that I haven’t looked back. Pranic Healing is now an integral part of my life and I’d love to share with you my experiences and how I could help you as well.