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Superbrain Yoga

The human brain is both amazing and complicated.  It is made up of a complex network of billions of nerve cells that all control various parts, functions and processes in the human body.

But because it is the most complex organ we have, scientists have not even come close to understanding the full capacity of our brains and how it operates. But what we do know is this: when we exercise certain muscles in our body, they become stronger. So as muscles relate to exercise, the human brain relates to meditation or stillness. We can all reinforce how we want our behaviour to change by conditioning the mind and repeating thoughts to eventually result in the desired outcomes. But there are ways to enhance our brain power by increasing the overall energy flow within our energetic system.

Superbrain Yoga is simple to learn and can be accomplished quickly (within minutes) to produce maximum benefit. It combines breathing and acupressure to regulate, balance and restore the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Adults and children can practice Superbrain Yoga anytime and anywhere (learning the proper techniques from a qualified practitioner). Benefits from regular practice include:

  • A more energized and active mind
  • Increased inner peace
  • Relief from anxiety and other mental health challenges
  • Physical and energetic cleansing
  • More energized chakras
  • Greater psychological balance
  • Improved concentration levels
  • Proper brain functioning

Superbrain Yoga with Children

In fact, studies with school children have shown a general increase in concentration levels as well as improved grades, with regular practice. Studies have also shown benefits for
patients with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperacticity Disorder (ADHD), Down Syndrome, and other developmental challenges and cognitive delays, all with statistical significance.

Currently, schools across the UK and Ireland (along with the rest of the world), are adopting more ways to help children with mental health, and combating these worrying challenges head on and before they arise. There are now over a hundred schools (primary and secondary), colleges and universities that have embraced the practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts, which incorporates the breathing techniques along with Superbrain Yoga. Personally, I practice this on a daily basis, and my children have also started to do the breathing techniques with Superbrain Yoga – I know that this will help them in life, and in later years when school and personal pressures and stresses increase.

To learn more about how you can benefit from any of these techniques (breathing, meditation, Superbrain Yoga), please contact me. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can see the results for yourself.