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The Importance of Tithing

How many of you find a website advertising something for ‘free’, then after endless scrolling find that there’s a catch or a fee attached to usage, or payment is required for continued usage of the product or service being offered?

Yes, there are countless companies that want something from you – whether it’s your money, your time or your information. But when you really think about it, what’s so wrong about that? As long as there isn’t a hidden agenda or false promises, isn’t the world made up of balances, both physical and also ones that are invisible to the eye?

Physical and Invisible Balances

We have the laws of physics and gravity, where balance is one of the underlying principles…at least in the world of physical science. For example, it was Issac Newton who discovered gravity with the famous quote, “What goes up must come down”. We are also constantly told that we need balance in our lives, including a balanced diet, work-life balance, balance within our relationships, balanced emotions – the list goes on but you get the point. Even our economy is made up of balances, from the price theory of supply and demand all the way to the stock exchanges with market equilibrium.

Our invisible world of energy is no different.


I won’t go on about the fact that our world is made up of energy – this is scientific fact and you can read more about that in countless articles about quantum science, if you wish. But in this invisible world, we know that we only get respect when we are able to give it, or that when we show people kindness, then we are more likely to receive this in return. Money is a form of ‘concretised’ energy and is governed by this same rule of balance.

When we go to the cinema, the big screen, the crystal-clear sound, the crowds of people, buttery smelling popcorn – these all contribute to the experience that we are willing to pay for. If the price is too high, then we may choose to wait for the film to be released on NetFlix or mainstream television, again depending on the value we place on the film and experience. We are willing to pay for things up until the value is reached for what we perceive it to be worth.


Giving also generates feelings of love and gratitude

When we give freely, and when this is done out of pure generosity and not as an expectation to receive in return, this comes straight from the heart and the frequency is mainly of love, kindness and even compassion or devotion. It may be the act of giving to someone less fortunate than ourselves, or because of our emotions towards the person or cause we are giving to. Either way, this is something that we choose to do and amplifies these high-vibrational frequencies within ourselves whilst allowing the receiver to also feel love and gratitude.

However, this free giving is not a prerequisite to adhering to, and maintaining, this balance. At the end of the day when things are out-of-balance, then there is discord. The one-sided approach by giving all of the time and never being able to accept help or the generosity of others can lead to the feelings of disappointment or even resentment. It would also lead to others not offering to give in the long run if it is never accepted. Similarly, if you are always taking but never give, there is a point where things will balance out. But the key is not necessarily to give like-for-like, but something that is perceived as equal or fair exchange value to each person.

This is how it works for tithing, which by definition means to give one-tenth of your income, traditionally within a religious establishment. Although this need not apply to religion (and in this case it does not), the principle is the same. What you tithe (or give) will come back to you many-fold. To be brutally honest with you, I used to think that this was a complete scam, something that people fabricated to get money from honest and unsuspecting victims. But there’s so much that makes sense, now that I really dig deeper to grasp at the energetic meaning to all of this. Obviously, you would not tithe to a cause that is meaningless to you and where you see no value or benefit from. But to tithe to a cause where you feel that there is good being done, something pure and genuine and where time and service is providing something of perceived equal value to you. Now this is something that I feel is worth giving to, and above and beyond expecting something in return, it makes me feel fantastic!