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Spring growth spurt – Nurturing children through Meditation on Stillness

The first bloom of Spring brings people feelings of joy, happiness and is representative of new beginnings. But this doesn’t happen without first planting a seed and having a period of time with much needed nurturing and care.

This is similar with children – we must put in time, patience, love and nurturing in order for them to blossom and grow.

From the moment they are in the womb, mums-to-be know to take care of their unborn babies physically, via healthy eating, exercise and by avoiding over-exertion. Emotions and the mental wellbeing of children are another challenge and often viewed as something much more difficult to manage. However, this is just as important and must be taught in early years to ensure that children are able to develop resilience. This will help them to more easily overcome any struggles and obstacles that are present in everyday life.

Mental health issues are not only growing in society, they are now commonplace and occurs more frequently than not with the vast majority of people not knowing how to cope, let alone get better. Young people are struggling with pressures put upon them by family, peers and even themselves, with no help from social media to exacerbate their feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness.

The key to helping our children is by equipping them with techniques and tools that will prevent problems before they arise. Instead of identifying problems and then finding solutions, the solutions need to be put into place first so that problems can be minimised, and even avoided.

The Meditation on Stillness was created by Les Flitcroft to empower children to manage worries, fears and control emotions. This fantastically simple technique also helps to increase confidence, promote better relationships and interaction with others, reduce anxiety and enhance overall happiness and wellbeing. The sessions are designed to be fun and enjoyable, incorporating simple breathing techniques along with a relaxing guided meditation. 

Childrens’ Relaxation Sessions with the Meditation on Stillness are currently run in various schools across the UK & Ireland, all with tremendous benefits across age groups. There are also CD’s available, and so can be incorporated as a daily routine within the comfort of your own home. The results can be seen in just a short space of time, with regular practice.

We all want our children to grow and flourish into happy and healthy adults. The way to achieve this is to help them to understand their own thoughts and emotions and give them the ability to manage them so that they don’t get overwhelming and end up taking over their lives. With the Meditation on Stillness, children feel more empowered as they learn to regulate and become in control of their emotions. Negative situations will still arise in their lives, but the difference is that they will be able to deal and cope with these obstacles with a clear mind and maintain a greater sense of wellbeing.

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