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Case Study: Pranic ‘Distant’ Healing for All Areas of Your Life

Dana-Sofie is an accomplished author, speaker, publisher and online entrepreneur who specialises in feminine cyclicity and the menstrual cycle. She lives in the Czech Republic, and similar to most people, felt ‘burnout’ in her personal and professional life, and this affected her physical and emotional health, as well as her mental wellbeing. After experiencing only a few Pranic Healing treatments, and distantly via Zoom, she felt significant changes that have positively affected her life. Watch her video testimonial to hear her story and the experience she has had with her journey into good health, happiness and success.

“If you want to improve your health, your confidence, your performance, your workout levels, your business, your happiness, your abundance, go and ask Allison to help you. Pranic healing works on the basic level, on the energy level, and thus can heal all areas of our life.”

Symptoms prior to treatment included:

  • extreme fatigue with simple tasks being extremely difficult to do
  • dizziness
  • toothache / over-sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • brain fog
  • broken and restless sleep
  • poor physical stamina

After a few Pranic distant treatments over Zoom, although improvements were felt even after the first session, Dana describes improvements that include not only her physical health, but also with her clarity of mind and many further positive results that include: 

  • feeling physically stronger and the ability to push the limits with increased stamina
  • feeling more grounded
  • much less fatigue and more energy throughout the day, even during the monthly phases
  • more confidence
  • recurring physical ailments resolved
  • no more brain fog / a much clearer mind
  • increased motivation and drive
  • better sex life
  • and even my business is thriving – it’s all related to energy and this will even help you in the areas of your finances and success!

Whether you believe in energy or not, this is making a positive impact in many people’s lives, in areas of physical and emotional health and mental wellbeing. And as Dana mentions, as it is working on the basic energetic level, all areas of your life can be improved including your relationships and even your finances and success. But ultimately, the biggest difference is that you can be truly happy – when you can rid your energetic system of some of the negative thoughts and emotions that have been accumulated from an entire lifetime of experiences, then the ‘real’ and true you can emerge to start living and enjoying life to the fullest.