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From Pain to Passion with Purpose

Dana suffered for years from extreme PMS symptoms that were debilitating and severely impacting the quality of her life. Learn how she managed to transform her “pain into purpose”and now it is her passion to work with women (and even men and children!) to understand and embrace the cyclic wave.

The Painful Past

I once was an ambitious young woman working in an academic environment, inflicted by a ‘little’ problem every month: PMS. Although I was using contraceptives to regulate my menstrual cycle and reduce the symptoms, once a month for a few days, I was totally useless. I was feeling as if I had barbed wire in my underbelly and my brain refused to work (which totally blocked me in my work, be it preparing courses for my students, teaching, translating or writing articles). There was nothing I could do apart from waiting for the moment that blood started to flow and the spasms subside.

On one occasion, it went so far that I almost fainted while waiting at an office. But from a medical viewpoint, I was absolutely fine. The only solution was to take painkillers to help with the debilitating pain.

Emerging Hope

I believe in synchronicities, and the turning point for my suffering was when a friend of mine brought me a film called Moon Inside You by a Slovakian director, Diana Fabiánová. The film opened up a new and unknown area to me – it showed me that the menstrual cycle is something different than only a few annoying days of pain. It showed me that the menstrual cycle has another, more profound meaning, which we were never told about. 

Pain-Free and Full of Passion

The breakthrough for me was the moment I realised that pain and suffering was only an option – but it was the only option I thought I had at the time. I stopped focusing on the negative symptoms and I even stopped dreading the days that my menstrual phase would arrive.

And my pain didn’t reduce; it disappeared altogether!

I decided to learn more about the menstrual cycle and I came across books by Miranda Gray: Red Moon and The Optimized Woman.  And this is where my journey started, as I was inspired to share this with other women and teach them how to start enjoying life with all the gifts that our cycle brings to us.

It’s All About the Phases

I started to observe myself – how I changed every day of the month. And instead of being upset that I wasn’t always the same, that I wasn’t always efficient, emotionally stable, beautiful and radiating, I started enjoying it immensely that I was ever-changing and different every day of the month.

The least favourite phase for me, as it is for most women, was the pre-menstrual phase, due to the premenstrual syndrome (although this has completely disappeared for me and hasn’t been back since!).         But when I started to work with my cycle, I became fascinated by the creative skills and strong intuition brought about by this phase. Also, I fell in love with the archetype of Enchantress, which is associated with this phase. Who would not want to be the charming, seemingly unpredictable, charismatic enchantress who ‘knows’ and who can communicate with the world outside our usual perceiving abilities and bring all these incredible ideas, insights and advice into our own lives and the lives of others? Who would not want to ride on the wave of creative skills, when creativity is literally gushing out of you and ideas are not possible to stop…?

And this is how I discovered the magic of all the four phases of the menstrual cycle and fell in love with my cyclicity. I diligently observed what my phases brought to me each month and every day. I observed my feelings toward myself, my son, my partner, and all of those around me. I observed what was easy for me to do and what felt terribly difficult. I observed when it was the best time to write, to communicate with people, to be active in the outside world or to be alone to relax.

Istarted to observe my cyclic changes in my business as well. How to deal with clients and customers. How to communicate with my colleagues. What I loved to do and when – and what I hated to do and when. I tried to find out how to tune it up in order to be efficient and feel happy and relaxed at the same time.

Learn to ride the wave of incredible creativity present in the premenstrual phase.

I discovered that the key was to do the right things in the right phase. It was really fascinating and helping me to live a happy and fulfilling life – and this is why I share this knowledge worldwide.

How I Share My Passion

I am now an author, publisher and translator, and I share my passion with others through courses, workshops, seminars and I have one-to-one clients around the world.

My greatest passion is writing, and I’ve written three books on feminine cyclicity: The Balinese Diary of a Cyclic Woman, my travel diary written at an entrepreneurial study course in Bali, organized by Roger Hamilton, the author of Wealth Dynamics. Then a book for women about how to fully apply their cyclic knowledge in business and in life, entitled 7 Habits of the Efficient Cyclic Woman. The last book I co-wrote with Erik Hutter – and it is a book for men teaching them how they can understand all the women around them, A Manual to Women: Guiding the Modern Man in the Unpredictable World of Women.

At the moment, these books are in Czech, but translations are in place, so stay tuned…

Transforming Pain into Passion with Purpose

Looking back, I see that the same thing that brought to me great discomfort and trouble in my past, then became an impulse for me to find my true-life passion and my mission. And this passion and mission has been growing ever since and I have been doing more and more of what I truly love – and I can see this work of mine brings a lot to other people as well.

If you would like to learn more about what I do, and how you can ride the cyclic wave, please get in touch!

Dana-Sofie Šlancarová
Dana-Sofie Šlancarová

Mobile: +420 776 354 541

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