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Common Dreams and What Do They Mean?

Have you ever had dreams where you are being chased, find yourself naked in a public place, or your teeth crumble or fall out from the inside of your mouth? Ever wonder why millions of people share these common dreams now, and throughout time?

Jane Teresa Anderson explains why this happens and describes the meaning of five common dream themes and what this may mean for you.

Dream of teeth falling out

There are so many variations of the ‘teeth falling out’ dream, but in general people often have these kinds of dreams when they’re worried about communication. Maybe you feel you’ve said too much, and you can’t take those words back (just as you can’t take the teeth back in your dream), or maybe you FEAR saying the wrong thing, worrying that it will all come out

wrong (like broken teeth in the dream). Maybe you’re worried about your image, not only how you look but, more importantly, how you come across, and the dream might picture this as you being worried about flashing your smile because you’ll reveal your not-so-solid confidence (like your not-so-solid teeth in the dream).

Dream of being naked in a public place

Again, the details of each person’s unique dream point to the correct interpretation, but in general, being naked in a dream may reflect your feelings of fear about people seeing the ‘real you’ in waking life: not your body, but your personality, your thoughts, your mind, your agenda.

Deprived of hiding behind an image (like the clothes you have chosen), you risk baring your soul, or your true self. If you feel good about your nakedness in the dream, that’s great! Perhaps we should all feel comfortable with being our authentic self. If you don’t feel so good about your nakedness in the dream (the more usual scenario), the other details in your dream will help you to understand why you feel this way, and what you might want to do to change this.

Dream of being chased

If you’re being chased in a dream, presumably you’re running away, trying to escape. What are you running away from in waking life? Is it a fear, a worry, a deadline, something about yourself or your life that you don’t want to face but no matter how much you try to avoid it, it’s always there on your tail?

The other details in your dream can help you to discover what you’re not facing and dealing with. If you have this type of dream, you might want to do this dream alchemy: when you wake up, re-imagine this dream, only this time turn around and face what is chasing you, transforming it from something negative or bad into something positive or good. Even imagine yourself hugging that chasing thing. This helps program your unconscious mind   to face your concerns and find the positives. It can be very healing too, as that thing that is chasing you represents something in your life within yourself that really needs your attention and acknowledgement.

Dream of being pregnant

Think symbolically. Often this kind of dream (which can happen for men as well as for women), reflects something you’re creating, gestating and ready to launch into the world – like the pending birth in the dream. What are you thinking about birthing into the world? Your feelings about the dream pregnancy, along with the other details In your unique dream, will help you to understand and explore any issues, worries or limiting beliefs you have around this new step.

It can be as simple as a growing desire to be different in the world, to change your attitude or approach to life, something you feel you’re preparing to do, or it can be more obvious, like a book or project idea you’re getting ready to launch.

Dream of falling, and why do we wake up before we hit the ground?

We don’t always wake up before we hit the ground, although we usually do. What wakes us up is usually fear: when this feeling is in your dream, your brain and glands produce fear hormones which enter your bloodstream and produce real physiological reactions in your body: racing heartbeat, feeling frozen to the spot, goosebumps across your skin.

If you manage to stay asleep and dreaming through the fall, typically you’ll either find you can fly (and miss hitting the ground), or you’ll bounce when you hit the ground and go on to do something else, or you’ll die and then step out of your dead body and continue with the dream as a new self – as if leaving the old self or an old way of being behind. Every falling dream has its own unique meaning depending on the details of the dream, but in general, it can be about letting go (what are you clinging onto in life?) or fear of falling behind, or a feeling of not succeeding in your climb to some imagined goal. It can be about letting go of control, but it can also be about feeling unstable in some area of your life, mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Here’s a video clip of Jane Teresa talking about common dreams on the Australia morning show, Today’s Extra:

You can also find more in her book, The Dream Handbook, where she introduces over 40 common dream themes, and gives questions and tools you can follow to discover the meaning of your unique variation of the dream and how it relates to your life.

For more information about Jane Teresa and her fascinating work on dreams, you can visit her website below where you will find details of her courses as well as many interesting resources, including her dream interpretations. Her latest book is also available to purchase, along with her range of eBooks on dream interpretation and dream alchemy.

Jane Teresa Anderson
Jane Teresa Anderson

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