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10 Signs that you have Superpowers

If you’ve often felt different from others, or have had feelings that you couldn’t explain, there may be a chance that you have some superhero abilities that haven’t been recognised. A lot of people go through life not understanding that they actually possess extraordinary gifts – many will see these as a curse and it can be quite overwhelming and scary to you if you don’t know how to manage what can be extremely rewarding when more fully understood.

1) You’re highly sensitive

Being highly sensitive can mean that you are extremely empathetic and/or sensitive to other people’s emotions. But it can also include having heightened sensitivity to the world around you and your five senses. Perhaps certain smells and fragrances affect you more strongly, or you prefer softer sounds, or maybe you feel uneasy in large crowds.

2) You care deeply for others

When others are in need, you feel the urge to help and may even feel uncomfortable by doing nothing. You don’t like to see people struggle, even if it means sacrificing your own time and comforts and possibly even taking on or absorbing some of their pain.

3) People tend to tell you their problems

You are a good listener and spend more time helping others than you spend for yourself. You may even think that you attract certain types of people who almost seek out your empathetic ear.

4) You don’t mind being alone, and may even prefer it

Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t like people. In fact it can be quite the opposite. But you can also enjoy some quiet time without feeling the need to be in the company of others all of the time. This is often the misunderstanding of the introvert – someone who prefers minimally stimulating environments and prefers time to be alone. Many introverts I know are incredibly social and outgoing, but just need time to recharge.

5) You tend to daydream

Do you find that you lose track of time while lost in thought or while doing something you love? Or maybe you often think about and idealise how the world could be and may even come up with ways that you can help to achieve this. Many children can be found daydreaming – instead of discouraging it and being concerned that they need more focus, allow them to dream – it’s a wonderful thing!

6) You don’t like conflict

Do you tend to avoid conflict with others? One cause of this may be because you have a higher sensitivity than others and may take criticism or negativity more personally. It’s also possible that you are absorbing the feelings of others (as well as your own) and this can feel extremely overwhelming.

7) You’re highly intuitive

Can you sense when you’re on the right track, or reversely, when something just doesn’t feel right? You probably have what you call a strong intuition, or maybe you’re tapping into some of your ‘psychic abilities’ that you don’t know you have. You may even find that you’re sensitive to subtle (and even not so subtle) indications that tell you when another person is being genuine or truthful. The key here is to follow your instincts!

8) You don’t feel like you fit in

It may feel daunting when you feel that you’re different from others as most people just want to fit into society and in their social, work and even family life. But being different doesn’t have to be bad. In fact, it gives you a unique personality and can make you stand out from the crowd in a positive way. But also know that you’re not alone. Many people don’t talk about their own ‘gifts’, and likely because they don’t understand them or fear being rejected by others. You have a talent and if you explore it rather than avoid it, then you’re likely to find that there’s a whole new exciting world out there yet to be discovered.

9) You have vivid dreams

Do your dreams seem real to you? You may not be able to recall many of your dreams, but if you see things clearly and even feel like you’re living in another world, then embrace the beauty. You may even find that you get answers in your dreams and wake up knowing the answer to something. Some can even lucid dream and control their actions within the sleeping state. It’s a magical world just waiting to be discovered.

10) You’re often misunderstood

Do your good intentions often go unnoticed, or even more strangely, get misinterpreted by others? It’s hard going through life trying to explain yourself to others and not being understood by most. Sometimes it gets very lonely and you can get tired of trying. If there doesn’t seem to be a way to resolve this, it can be an indication that you need to move on from a certain group of people. Or it’s also possible that you need to ignore the opinions of others and carry on with what you think is right and to stand strong with your beliefs.

If you have answered yes to most of these points, then chances are that you are a real-live superhero but don’t yet know it! But because there are many unique traits and talents to consider, everyone needs to explore their own path to fully understand their powers. The good news is there are many resources out there to help you with your search! But if you still feel a bit lost, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll do my best to guide you.

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