Case Study: Pranic ‘Distant’ Healing for All Areas of Your Life

Dana-Sofie is an accomplished author, speaker, publisher and online entrepreneur who specialises in feminine cyclicity and the menstrual cycle. She lives in the Czech Republic, and similar to most people, felt ‘burnout’ in her personal and professional life, and this affected her physical and emotional health, as well as her mental wellbeing.

Case Study: ADHD Treatment for an 8-year old boy

I met Rachael last December just after my boys begged me to have Freddie over for a play date. They had started Year 3 in a new school and were eager to invite friends over during the Christmas break. Rachael was really friendly and we chatted briefly as she dropped him off. Her hands were full with Freddie’s two younger brothers so she didn’t stay long and informed me that her husband would be picking him up later that afternoon.