Personal Story and Article Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in sharing your story/article in the Pūr Energy Life online magazine!

My aim is to create a platform where people can learn more about our amazing world of energy, with the result of being able to get inspired to start living a more conscious life. There will be a compilation of various types of articles, including personal stories of transformation, expert tips and techniques to share, introductions to different modalities, making a difference to people, our environment and to our world, and anything that has to do with increasing the quality of your energy to improve your life, the lives of others, and to enable personal growth and mindset shifts.

If you are contributing an article, please note that this may be edited and modified to enhance the reading experience of the audience. However, you will be contacted to ensure that the essence has not been changed or incorrectly portrayed.

Article Formats

The Pūr Energy Life online magazine is meant to introduce, inform and inspire. I’m not looking for articles that will try to ‘sell’ a specific product, service or even modality. Instead, your article should show people possibilities and encourage them to learn more, should they wish to do so.

Some possible article formats that can be used are:

  • Personal Stories of Transformation
  • Informative (using headings)
  • Interview Style
  • ‘Tips and Tricks’ – one-pager summary for How To’s

A guide to submitting an article…

Personal Stories of Transformation
Introduce yourself and what ‘pain’ you may have been experiencing and for how long. How did it affect your life? What emotions were you feeling? What did you do to try to help change the situation? Did it work? If you found a method to help, then please do not talk in depth about the method or modality, but instead focus on what changes occurred within you. For example, in my personal story, I hit rock bottom and if it wasn’t for my three children, I wouldn’t have thought I could go on. For me, I found Pranic Healing and this kick started a new way of life for me. But in my story, I wouldn’t try to sell this; I would rather speak about how I felt my mind clearing, how I learned to calm my emotions through techniques of meditation and breathing, and how helping others also helped my own personal transformation towards better health and happiness. So please include YOUR transformation story with less focus on WHO helped you or specifics of the modalities themselves.

You may be submitting an informative article if you have trained in a specific area or modality, or if you are an expert in your field. Please keep this as an introduction and keep in mind that many of the readers will be beginners. This may even be the first time they are exposed to your area of knowledge so the idea is to intrigue. If you have any simple tips to share that can benefit readers, then please do include this as well!

Tips and Tricks
To make content easily readable and eye-catching, you can also include as part of your article some easy ‘Tips and Tricks’ that will benefit readers. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to format this, I can help with the design! I may also take some of your content and create a portion of your article into this format, but rest assured, you will get to see this before it’s published to ensure it correctly conveys the message you are sharing.

For all written articles, don’t worry about trying to format this yourself. I often take what people write and structure it in an easy-to-read format that I think will appeal to readers. However, if you already have material that you think would work, feel free to send this in and I’ll be happy to use this, or modify as required.

Articles should be a minimum of 500 words, and up to 1500 words.

Interview Style
At times you may submit an article, and if I feel that it suits well as an interview-style, I may adapt the format to have Questions and Answers. This enhances the reading experience and may help to personalise the content, allowing people to connect more to you and to the content.

For some submissions, you may be contacted to do an interview with me as part of my Energy Talk series. This would be a video recording either in person, or via Zoom. Details of this will be shared as required.


Please submit a high-resolution photo of yourself that ties in nicely with your article. I love to incorporate ‘action shots’ if possible where people can relate or see your personality shine through. If you only submit one photo, then I may also use generic photos to represent the article. Please ensure that you must have permissions to all photos you submit (i.e., if there are other people in the photo).

Contact Details

At the end of each article, there will be a section to provide your contact details. When submitting your article, please also include any of the relevant information:

  • Full Name
  • Business Name and Logo
  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Social Media links
  • Local areas that you operate in if your business is in person
  • Does your business offer services online?

How to submit

Due to the large number of Personal Stories that I am requesting, I have created an easy-to-use form where you will be guided to write about your journey. This form is perfect if you haven’t written about your personal story before, as it identifies the key elements required to really capture your audience. There is an area to upload your photos and include your contact details so that people can connect directly with you.

OR e-mail your submission to:

Subject: Article Submission – [Personal Story or Article] – [Your Name]Content: Word/Pages (or similar) document, including Contact Details as above
Photo Attachments: ONE profile image, and up to 3 additional photos

If you have an existing blog or article on your website, you may export the post file (if this option is available to you) and send the file using the requirements listed above.

I want to thank you again for sharing your story. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

There are so many people out there that aren’t aware of this world of energy, and how it influences every single part of our lives. So let’s reach them together to introduce, inform and inspire them to live a more conscious life!

All my best,

Allison Cairns
Founder – Pūr Energy Life